NEWGRACENEWS.COM yummly recipes

by Reese Millridge

One of my favorite pastimes is to sit down on the floor of a bookstore with a cup of coffee and peruse through the cookbooks. I’ve even been known to do it on vacation where I have picked up books by some wonderful local chefs. At home when I want a recipe the first place I turn is to my cookbook collection, but if I don’t have time or know what I am looking for will not be found there, I turn to the internet, I turn to is more than just a recipe site, it is the recipe site.  YUMMLY not only allows you to find recipes other’s have posted on YUMMLY, it allows you to post recipes from many different recipe sites to your personal YUMMLY recipe box. Just look for the yum icon and send a recipe directly to your recipe box.

YUMMLY allow you to set preferences it will use when searching for recipes. You can give it a list of your favorite ingredients, tell it whether you like things sweet or sour, pick certain cuisines, look for things that are quick to make and it will keep any food allergies you provide it with in mind while it searches.  You always have the choice of searching with or without your preferences if you feel daring.

They even have Taste Buds – your friends on the site.  If you joined through your Facebook account they will tell you which of your Facebook friends is on YUMMLY or you can have the site check for people with the same set preferences as you.

If you have a food blog you can share your recipes on YUMMLY and there are programs which help you write your recipe for the site.  We at NEW GRACE NEWS use WordPress for our online presence and the plugin Yummly Rich Recipes .  When you use YUMMLY it will provide a picture of your dish and the ingredients, then lead the viewer to your site for the instructions.

With all the wonderful features YUMMLY has to offer the very best thing about YUMMLY is that NEW GRACE NEWS has a page there. You should check it out here.

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