NEW GRACE NEWS - Winter Carnival 2016 - MICHELLE GWYNN JONESby Rosalie Hernandez

Another successful Winter Carnival has come and gone.  This year’s Winter Carnival hosted by the Mad Hatters was the most attended and profitable one so far.

Everyone was putting on the Ritz.  Many guests were extremely creative and this black tie affair became a black tie extravaganza with top hats, ascots, and zebra striped tuxedos.  The decision to hold the event outdoors under a white marquis illuminated with candelabras and six foot tall lanterns was a stroke of genius.  A ceiling full of black, cream and translucent balloons interspersed with blinking lights gave a wonderful illusion of dining and dancing under the stars,

A clear vase of white winter roses atop a black tablecloth set with crystal, silver and china made elegant sit down dining for each guest.  Servers were attired in white tails, white bow ties and white gloves.  Oh, what a night!

Caviar, smoked salmon, seared black fin tuna pate and curry shrimp accompanied by Boursin cheese and herb crostini gave new meaning to walk-around finger food.  Crown roast, roasted potatoes with sautéed mixed greens for the entrée.  Fresh fruit, Black Forest Chocolate Cake topped with strawberry mousse brought this gastronomical delight to a close.  Champagne was flowing to quench the thirst of revelers after dancing to the rhythms of the Carlyle Robinson Band.  A surprise appearance by country singer, Boyd Bodine really got folks moving their feet.

Along with the proceeds of the silent auction and the $250 per person ticket sales the Mad Hatters are well on their way to offering significant scholarships.  Kudos to Shelby Curtis and Jack Bishop of Luxe Vista 295 for volunteering their time and talent.  Chefs from Justine’s always surpass themselves and this menu was impressive, visually artistic and beyond delicious. This was truly a first class, top drawer, oooo so good evening.

Not to rest on their laurels and ever determined to provide academic assistance the Mad Hatters are already planning their next event – Sweetheart Ball on Saturday February 27th.  Tickets are available all over New Grace.  Tickets are $50 per guy and gals attend for free. You can also contact Leona Biggerbotoms at 555-291 for information and tickets.

So get out those high heel sneakers and put on your red dress, mama!