reese label

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Reese Millridge to the New Grace News.  Reese will be joining our family; bringing recipes and cooking tips to the Home and Garden section.

Many of you may know Ms. Millridge, she is the owner of Millridge Morsels, one of New Grace’s most delicious catering companies.  Her strawberry shortecake has won the blue ribbon at the South Carolina State Fair for the past three years.  After tasting a sample of her chocolate peanut butter brownies, Mayor Billy Clanton of Beaudeclaire successfully won a dozen of them at the Winter Festival with a bid of fourteen hundred dollars,  a record high bid for baked goods. I recall Leona Biggerbotoms of  The Mad Hatter’s thanking him for his generosity and Mayor Clanton saying, “If you can get her to throw in the recipe I would gladly double the bid.”

Those of you who attended the grand reopening of Bastille Park in Rosemeade  on September 20, 2015 may recall the long line for orange cranberry chicken wings, those were hers. as were the fried green tomatoes with balsamic dipping sauce everyone was talking about.

I have known Reese Millridge for more years than I care to mention and words can not express how excited I am that she will be contributing to our fine paper.

Welcome Reese.