by Shannon Longneck

An Amber Alert issued Thursday morning for thirteen-year-olds Jason Norrel and Jeffrey Camas. At the time of this publication there are no leads as to the boys’ whereabouts.Two vanish on Vision Street - MICHELLEGWYNNJONES.COM -NEWGRACENEWS.COM

Both James and Jeffrey’s parents claim to have last seen their sons on Wednesday night when the teenagers went to their room around ten and eleven, respectfully.

According to friends, Billy Braxton and Jordan Miller, the four boys left their homes and at 1:00 am met in the woods just north of Herricks Bay on Cypress Rd. They then proceeded to the house at 1414 Vision Street where they intended to spend the night.

“It was just a dare. Everyone knows the place is haunted,” said Billy Braxton when questioned.

“But when we got there, we couldn’t go in,” said Jordan Miller who waited outside with Billy Braxton while the two missing boys entered the premises.

“We thought they’d run out screaming so we hung around to catch it for LookAtMe .com. When it started drizzling we ducked under the carport, but it was metal so we decided to bounce before the lighting started,” said Jordan Miller. “James and Jeffrey weren’t in school, but I didn’t know they were missing until we were called into the principal’s office and questioned.”

A search of the vacant home revealed that the boys had gone in and set up for the night. Their sleeping bags were spread out on two couches in the living room and two opened sodas were on the coffee table, both nearly full. There were no signs of a struggle.

“We have no reason to believe the boys were taken against their will,” said Detective Winston Spaulding of the New Grace Police Department. “We recovered a cell phone in the house which leads me to believe they intended to come back.”

Marsha Mann, who lives in the house across the street, said that she often sees children of all ages on the property and she was not surprised to hear the boys dared each other to go in the house or that it was considered haunted. “Six families have moved into the house in the last four years. I saw the present owners get into their car early one morning two months ago and they have never been back. All their belongings are still there.”

Although the authorities are doing everything they can to find the boys, Detective Malcolm Corley is not convinced this isn’t a hoax. “The problem is Jordan and Billy claim they went home because of the lightening, but the predicted storm missed the county. It is possible that Jason and Jeffrey chose to disappear and the four boys planned the story they would tell, but Jordan and Billy fell asleep and didn’t know it never rained.”

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