By Bobby Joe Beckman

After months of debates, petitions and protesters in front of city hall, the Town of Rosemeade has voted to permit a ‘tiny home’ community on the east side of town.

Already purchased by developers Galaxy Developers, the abandoned mobile home park Miners Glen will be torn down and the new Glenworthy Estates will be erected. “The basic services are already there: water and sewer, electrical, even cable TV. Certainly there will be repairs required, but in the end an eyesore will be replaced with a unique and charming neighborhood.

In order to bypass creating the many regulations that permitting a new type of residential community would entail, Rosemeade and the County of New Grace have determined that the same rules and regulations that pertain to a mobile home park  will apply  to a tiny home neighborhood. “This determination seems to be working for other towns,” said  Mayor Titus Torres of Rosemeade.

There are already more inquires about available lots than proposed sites.  The development is scheduled to be completed in three phases, but because of the unexpected demand the developers are consider starting constructions on phase one and two simultaneously. The most popular reasons for the overwhelming interest include environmental concerns, financial concerns and the desire for more time and freedom.


Do any of you live in a tiny house? If so, how is it working out?  Have you ever considered a tiny home?