bedroom-954662_1920by   Colin Featherly

Whether it’s a dedicated space or a shared space like a den or office, a guestroom should meet the three “Cs”:  clean, comfortable, and convenient.  Even unexpected guests should be shown to a room free of dust and clutter.  Papers, books, shopping catalogs should not be piled in corners or bags.  Your sister or brother deserves the same attention and graciousness as a first-time guest.

Carpeted room should be vacuumed and hardwoods wiped down until they gleam.  Open the window to air out the room while making preparations for your guests.  Female guests will appreciate fresh flowers.  Select a non-fruity/sweet air freshener for male guests.  The size of the bed should be determined by the size of the room.  Nothing is more cumbersome than trying to walk around a bed that has one side against a wall or requires tuning the body sideways to get too.  Ideally, two double beds work best but if you don’t live in a hotel try a queen size bed.  If the room will only accommodate a twin bed consider a day bed with a trundle.

At least one bedside table large enough to hold a vanity clock, pen and pad, a small box of tissues and a reading lamp is an essential part of any guest space.  Have matching hangers in a cleared space in the closet.  An empty drawer or drawers next to a luggage butler if will be appreciated.  Let’s not forget a hook to hang pjs and either a wall or door mirror.

If your guestroom is a shared space personal papers and financial statements and credit cards should be out of sight.  If the room is used as a playroom make sure toys and accessories are removed or stowed.  Guests should be able to navigate the room safely.    If a sofa bed is being used and you didn’t upgrade the mattress think about purchasing a mattress/pillow top either foam or down-filled.  Remember the question you as a host always ask, “How did you sleep?”

Guests shouldn’t have to hunt and peck to find items.  Be a gracious host and show them where the bathroom is, where rolls of toilet paper are kept, and where an extra blanket can be found.  Make sure that garbage cans are emptied and fresh linens supplied every three days or so.  You may not want your guests to stay forever but they should feel comfortable and look forward to their next stay with you.


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