by B J Beckman – 

Monday morning Mayor Billy Clanton of Beaudeclaire announced that the annual Oktoberfest scheduled for October 23rd -25th in Desiree Park had been cancelled due to the rain which devastated most of the area.  The Historic District was hit hard and many of the shops will not reopen before the end of the year, if at all. The economic ramification of these closures cannot be calculated at this time.  The revenue from the beaudeclaire floodOktoberfest is desperately needed, but there is no choice but to cancel. The mayor said, “Even though the water has receded and Desiree Park is open to the public, there are only three main roads into town and two of them are impassable. At this time Beaudeclaire does not have the infrastructure to handle the crowd the festival attracts.”

After hearing the announcement the town of Lindley offered to host the event in Lindley Commons on the same dates. Mayor Michael Bray said, “So many people have suffered great loss in the past weeks and it will take months to even calculate the damage.  We must begin the process of healing and I can’t think of a better way than a festival.”

Donations of food and household goods will be accepted at the parking lot on Main, one block from the park.  Please give generously.