By Shannon Longneck

There have been no clues as to the whereabouts of thirteen-year-olds Jason Norrel and Jeffrey Camas who went missing in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 16, 2015. They were last seen entering an unoccupied house located at 1414 Vision Street. Even though there have been reported sightings of the boys from as far away as Singapore, nothing has lead to their recovery.NORREL AND CAMES STILL MISSING - MICHELLEGWYNNJONES.COM - NEWGRACENEWS,COM

Desperate for any leads, Chief of Police Victor Santee reluctantly contacted Aurora B. Ellis, a local psychic who had been offering her assistance since their disappearance. Madam Ellis, as she prefers to be called, in an attempt to channel the teens entered the home on Vision Street at 2:15 pm on Wednesday, two weeks from the day they went missing.  At approximately 2:17 the cell phones of every person who accompanied her into the house began to ring, as did each of the boy’s parents and continued to ring even though they were answered. According to the three cell phone companies involved there was nothing unusual recorded on any of their devices.

Madam Ellis is certain that the unusual activity was an attempt from the boys to reach out and connect from wherever they are being held.  At her suggestion Jason Norrel’s phone was returned to the exact spot in the home where it was recovered and will be monitored twenty-four seven. Jeffrey Cames phone has not been located.

Chief Santee said, “I don’t put much stock in psychic ability, but I do put stock in anything, no matter how out there it may be, that can help bring the boys home safely.”


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