pickup 360

by Shannon Longneck

On Wednesday morning Josh Clayborne of Acadia took his cup of coffee with him out to his back porch. He looked at the hole dug the day before by Sanchez Pools and Spas in preparation for the installation of his new in ground pool. He was surprised when he glanced towards the fence and realized that all the materials for the pool were missing.

“The lining, the slide, the diving board, I’m sure it was all there last night,” Mr. Clayborne told the police officer who took his statement over the phone. “I’m surprised none of my three dogs alerted me to the trespassers on the property. If they had been raccoons I would have been up all night.”

The objects weren’t missing for long. Detective Winston Spaulding solved the case on the way to the crime scene. He saw a red pickup truck loaded with boxes on the side of the road, even from twenty feet away, doing forty-five miles per hour, he could read the words, ’Pool Liner’. All the stolen items were there. Less than a minute after arriving at the scene, the forensic team discovered the vehicle was out of gas. Detective Spaulding was laughing when he asked this reporter, “Who commits a heist without making sure the getaway car has enough gas to getaway?”

Glenn Francis, an employee of Sanchez Pools and Spas and the owner of the pickup truck, was arrested at his home and quickly named Mathew and Joseph Bricker, cousins, both of New Grace, as his accomplices.


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