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Officials continue to investigate the murder of New Grace Deputy Horace Nevada who disappeared without a trace on the night of February 12, 2008. His body was discovered on April 11, 2016  in a freezer on property recently purchased in Acadia by Corey and Megan Inker.

The previous owners, The Belands, were killed more than seven months ago on Interstate 26. According to their daughter Missy, the fifteen acre property is heavily wooded and to her knowledge her parents had not ventured to the back of the property in more than a decade. Missy Beland claimed not to recognize any of the items removed from the building. “It doesn’t make any sense,” said Ms Belands. “Even if this crap was my parents’ why would they trek all the way through the woods to bring it here?”

Following the serial numbers, the manufactures traced both the freezer and the generator discovered at the scene to Jimbo Electronics in Beaudeclair. Neither manufacture had warranty registrations for the items on file. Jimbo Electronics closed its doors in 2011.  Jimbo (James Bowman) was able to locate a receipt for a sale of both items dated February 13, 2008, but the customer paid cash and didn’t provide a name.

Several fingerprints were recovered in and around the outer building. Both Mr. and Ms. Belands’ prints were on file with the state, however none of the prints found belonged to them. The forensic team, who had previously stated Deputy Nevada’s body was frozen at or near the time of death, has further concluded that it defrosted and began decomposing two to two and a half years ago.

State officials have been called in to investigate. “It is just prudent to have an outside investigation,” said Sheriff Ozell Keith. “It is not that we believe a member of the sheriff’s department was involved in the death as the press has rumored.”