by B J Beckman

With Election Day less than a week away Mayor John Hotts is in hot water again.

On October 21, 2015 deputies of the New Grace Sheriff’s department were called to a disturbance at the Hallmark Motel, Saint Georgina.  Upon arrival they were informed by owner Walter Bell that three people who were not guests were in the pool, appeared intoxicated and had failed to leave when asked.

Deputies Sheriff Nicole Nixon and Sam Keen followed a trail of clothes around back and found a man and two women naked in the hot tub.  When asked to leave one woman complied by getting out of the tub and dressing. The man and the other woman refused and had to be physically removed. They also refused to provide their names.

“I knew the man looked familiar, but I just couldn’t place him,” said Deputy Nixon.  “It wasn’t until we searched their belonging and got his wallet did we figure out we had the Mayor of Herricks Bay in handcuffs.”

“This has been happening a lot lately. Two weeks ago we heard voices in the middle of the night.  My wife and I thought the people were guest coming in, but then we heard the sound of breaking glass.  When we went outside we saw people running off and one of the tables by the pool was shattered,” said property owner Walter Bell. He believes the reason their motel is experiencing the trespassing more often than the other motels on the street is theirs is the only one with a heated pool.

One woman, identified as Julia Monroe, has two convictions for solicitation.  The other woman, Olivia Bishop, has no police record and is a resident of Oklahoma.

This is not the first scandal in which Mayor Hotts has been the subject. Three years ago he was arrested along with five others for public intoxication outside of Teegans’s Oyster Bar in Rosemeade.  No one was charged at that time.

Mayor Hotts is the incumbent in the elections scheduled for November 3rd.  He would not comment as to what effect this arrest may have on his chance for re-election.



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