New Grace residents now have a new pizzeria featuring authentic Neapolitan and Sicilian pizza.  This charming pizzeria, complete with a red and white awning, welcomes the pizza loving enthusiasts. Upon entering the tantalizing aroma of tomato, Italian herbs and dough baking is irresistible.

The restaurant is spacious, well lit and inviting.  There are coastal pictures of the Amalfi seashore and familiar Italian landmarks. I just loved the black and white checked tile floor the owner stressed was imported from southern Italy.  Liugie's Pizzeria - MICHELLEGWYNNJONES.COM

The food here is amazing. The thin crust was perfectly baked, with sauce to die for, fresh mozzarella that is mouth watering, mushrooms and hands down the best pepperoni I have ever tasted.  The prices are pretty affordable especially considering it is the only pizzeria within a ten mile radius that uses a cold fire brick oven, which imparts its unique flavor to pies baked in it. The menu is complete with a variety including margarita, spinach, white and vegetable pizzas with the usual assortment of toppings. Weather permitting you can enjoy your pizza and a glass  from Luigi’s  wine menu outdoors in a well manicured and cozy setting. For those who want gluten free pizza, it can be prepared for you if you provide them with 24 hour notice.

New Grace’s teens from the surrounding local high schools have discovered Luigi’s.  It has become their social place after school, football games and Saturday spot to grab a delicious bite and chat with friends. The afternoon I visited the restaurant was bustling with boisterous teens wolfing down slices as soon as they came out of the oven. Luigi’s also has a brisk business on Friday evenings as families come in with their children or order take out.

There is also a reliable delivery service with a ten dollar minimum order. For a delicious authentic pizza, please visit Luigi’s, you won’t regret it.