NEW GRACE NEWS - Christmas in july

by Shannon Longneck

This weekend come on down to Lindley Commons and enjoy an early Christmas courtesy of the students of several Lindley schools.  The holiday festival is the most recent showing of  the community commitment to raise funds to replace the Lindley Branch of the New Grace Public Library.

Homer Hampton Memorial Library located at 640 E Main had only been open to the public for two weeks before it was destroyed by arson in September, 2015.   The county announced its intention to build a new branch in March. At the time it was believed the county would be able to build the library in the same location, but that was not to be.  The library was housed in the old Hampton Mercantile and Grain building which was willed to the county upon the death of Homer Hampton. Unfortunately, the will specifically referred to the structure and upon its destruction the court ruled the property reverted back to the estate forcing the county to purchase land for the new library.

Lindley Commons is always decorated for the holiday season, but this July it is holiday-gone- wild.  If you could stick a light on it, or hang an ornament from it, it’s there. It is a bit over done, especially the artificial smell of pine that is so thick you can almost taste it. The only thing missing is the sight of reindeer soaring through the sky. However, the holiday baked goods and spiced apple cider make it all worth while.

 I have been to several fundraisers in the past few months and this holiday festival tops my list for a good time. There are all kinds of holiday decorations made by the students for sale.  You can find everything from popsicle snowman gift tags made by elementary students to elaborate wreathes created by some very talented crafters to outfits for your four legged friends. Along with the decorations there are many unique presents, so you can get your holiday shopping done early this year. I have already bought a crocheted throw and a painting, both for me. I intend to go back today, maybe buy a present for someone else, but I wouldn’t count on it – I think I will pick up a welcome mat I saw that would look lovely on my front porch.

And Santa is there too, riding around in a cute red Fiat convertible – it is a prize in the raffle so don’t forget to buy a ticket.