The investigation into the murder of Deputy Sheriff Horace Nevada of New Grace County has taken a new turn.  After disappearing on February 12, 2008, Deputy Nevada’s body was discovered in April 2016.  The remains were in a freezer in a shed on property owned by the Belands at the time of the deputy’s disappearance. New information led to another body.

After the deputy’s body was found fingerprints in and on the shed linked to Arnold Gardener, a junk yard employee, and serial killer Ronald Wayne Lowery.  Questioning of Mr. Gardener revealed that serial killer Lowery worked at the junk yard under an alias prior to his arrest and under that alias dated a woman, Linda Leeds, who resided in Arcadia. No one was able to discover Ms. Leeds present address.

On July 27, Ms. Leeds mother contacted the sheriff’s department after her daughter was linked to serial killer Ronald Wayne Lowery  in an article published in New Grace News on May 22, 2016 and picked up by the national press. According to Martha Leeds, she and her daughter had not spoken for over five years when in March, 2011 her daughter called. Linda told her mother she was in trouble and wanted to come home.  Linda Leeds never arrived home in Boulder, Colorado. Her mother has not heard from her again.

Deputy Sheriff  Nicole Nixon and Sam Keen interviewed Ms. Leeds’ landlord, Ada Secrat, the owner of the property abutting the land where Deputy Nevada’s body was found.  In her prior interview she said that Ms. Leeds moved out around July 2013. Further questioning revealed Ms. Leeds paid her rent by personal check until April, 2011 when she began paying by money order.  She was evicted for non-payment of rent in July 2013.

Because of Ms. Leeds link to a serial killer and her abrupt call to her mother the property was searched.  With the use of ground-penetrating radar and recovery dogs a body was discovered  on the property owned by Ada Secrat, less than 20 feet from the location where Deputy Nevada’s body was found on the Belands property. Even though the body had been burnt before burial, it was positively identified as Linda Leeds. Through forensic testing it appears Ms. Leeds died within three months after placing the call to her mother in March, 2011.

Asked if Mr. Lowery will be charged, Sheriff Ozell Keith said, “That is likely, but we are still investigation. Fortunately, Mr. Lowery isn’t going anywhere.”

Ronald Wayne Lowery, who is awaiting execution, continues to remain silent when asked about Deputy Nevada. However, when questioned about Linda Leeds he is quoted as asking, “Who the f**k is that?”