New Grace News - James Norrel Awake

by Shannon Longneck

After 24 days in a coma Jason Norrel  awoke in New Grace County Hospital.  Jason is one of two boys reported missing on September 16 and found on October 31,  along with a still unidentified little girl. Dr. Milton Ross remains baffled by the boys’ condition.

“It is not like any other coma I have seen.  All of them appeared to be in a constant state of REM sleep.  As one would expect during REM, their heart rates were elevated and their breathing quicker.  This would have been acceptable except they were thrashing around in their beds, as if they were in some kind of struggle and even mild sedatives would not calm them down. My greatest fear at the time was that they were not getting any non-REM sleep and were exhausting themselves. And after such a long period I was worried that there would be some level of neurological deficiency if and when they woke up.”

Jason appeared to leave REM sleep and enter a stage of non-REM sleep approximately six hours before he came out of his coma. A battery of test show no neurological damage or anomalies. According to Dr. Ross, “At this point all we can do is hope Jeffrey and the little girl will come out of their comas the same way.”

When he woke James was unaware of the present date and had no memory after the night of  September 16, 2015 when he and his friend  Jeffrey walked into the house on Vision Street and, by all accounts, disappeared.  All he can recall is after they entered the house they saw the fireplace was stacked with wood and newspaper so they lit it with their lighter.  They set up their sleeping bags and were just starting to play a game on their tablets when Jeffrey got the feeling they were not alone in the house.  A search revealed no one.

“It started to get really cold in the house, a lot colder than it was outside.  I got up and put another log on the fire and when I turned around Jeff was gone. I screamed for him, but when he didn’t answer I figured he had chickened out and ran home,” said James.  Convinced of all the bragging rights he would earn if he stayed in the house by himself, James set up the camera on his tablet to take a picture of him every five minutes and went to sleep. “The only thing I remember after that is Jeff pulling me down the stairs.  The storm was a lot worse and lighting lit up the whole house.  Jeff opened the front door.  That’s it. Then I woke up in the hospital.  I keep trying to remember something, anything, but it’s all just nothing.”

When questioned Jason had no recollection of Jeffrey carrying a little girl when they ran from the house.

Det. Winston Spaulding of the New Grace Police Department had no new information about the boys’ disappearance on September 16th  or their return on October 31st.  “We were hoping that the boys could tell us what happened,” said the detective. “I don’t know if Jason is telling the truth or if this is all some elaborate hoax.  All I know for sure is what I saw, the front door to the house opened and the boys ran out. Then they fell over on the porch and according to the EMTs were in a coma.”

When asked if he would be requesting the help of Psychic Aurora B. Ellis again, Detective Spaulding said, “Did something paranormal happen to the boys, I don’t know, but at this time I am not as ready to rule that out as some people think I should be.”