Hotts Out, Kolds In - 

by B J Beckman

Election day has come and gone and so has Mayor John Hotts of Herricks Bay. In what can only be described as a landslide, the incumbent Mayor was voted out of office.

As of October 21st Mayor Hotts was running unchallenged for a 4th term in office, but his late night escapades at The Hallmark Motel in Rosemeade gave rise to a fight for his job. Although the charge of solicitation was dropped even though he was found naked with a woman who has two arrests for solicitation, Mayor Hotts is still charged with indecent exposure and trespassing.

The Mayor’s problems became public fast and by the next morning a movement had begun gaining momentum to impeach him.

“As a mayor, I’d say he’s done a great job,” said Victor Bass of Herricks Bay who voted for John Hotts in each previous election. “But it shines a bad light on the whole town when the mayor can’t keep his clothes on.”

On Saturday night a write in campaign had begun for the election of the town comptroller, Thomas Portal, to the office of Mayor.  He seemed the sure winner.

“My aunt called and was very upset. Seems that everyone at her meeting of the New Grace Women’s League was talking about how high I had risen in the polls. She felt very disrespected I had not told her I was running,” said Herricks Bay native Jessica Kolds who is a church choir master, food bank manager, local business owner and, to her surprise, Mayor Elect.  Kolds did not know she was in the running until she received that call the afternoon of Monday, November 2nd. “After the shock wore off, I had no doubt who threw my hat into the ring.”

“I noticed on the town website that there was a write in candidate. It made me think of Jessica, so I thought I would start one for her. She’s always got great ideas about how things should be done and I have said more than once that she should be mayor,” said childhood friend Kelly Colgate who made flyers, started a facebook page and sent out tweets, all without consulting the candidate. “It was more of a joke than anything else, but I am not surprised she got 92 percent of the votes. Everyone loves her. I’m just hoping she still loves me.”

In regard to her new position Ms Kolds said, “I don’t think I would have ever run for mayor, but I look forward to serving my community.”


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