by Shannon Longneck

On October 31st  Marsha Mann of Vision Street contacted the police and reported a strange phenomenon at the house across the street.

stormy haunted house

“We get calls like that all night,” said 911 operator Melody Hoffman. “I thought it was just another Halloween prank until she told me it was the same house that thirteen-year-olds Jason Norrel and Jeffrey Camas were last seen entering on September 17, 2015. The boys have been missing since that night.

In total there were twenty-two calls to 911 from other residence of the subdivision. Police were dispatched to the scene first and then the fire department was called in.

If this reporter hadn’t seen it for herself she would never believe it. No matter what side of the property she stood on there was no doubt the phenomenon was limited to the location. But the storm wasn’t over the house, it was coming from the ground and enveloping the structure.

“We were in the house about two weeks ago and it was still unoccupied,” said Detective Winston Spaulding. When asked if he found anything in the house that might explain what we were seeing the detective said, “Look at that place. I wasn’t going in there. No one is until some expert tells us what the hell is going on.”  He would not say what kind of experts he was waiting on.

Two hours after the phenomenon was first reported noted psychic Aurora B. Ellis arrived. This was the second time Ms. Ellis was called in regarding the case of the missing boys.  Then paranormal investigator Ramon Chaves drove up and began setting up equipment in hope of registering unnatural energy.

The apparent electrical surges that had been emitting a buzzing sound released a deafening tone and dissipated.

Then Jason Norrel stumbled out of the house followed by James Cames carrying a small child. Both boys collapsed on the stoop. The three children were rushed to New Grace County Hospital where they were declared in comas.  Their conditions are reported as stable. However, neither  child has regained consciousness.

The New Grace News will continue to report on this story as information becomes available.


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