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My name is Michelle Gwynn Jones and I am the publisher of the New Grace News. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the hometown paper for New Grace County, South Carolina. Located in the region known as The Midlands, New Grace is a community of interesting people, beautiful locations and the capital, New Grace, is the Azalea Capital of America – if only self-proclaimed.  path

Whether you are interested in a delicious meal in a romantic setting with linen and crystal or a sports bar with killer wings and beer brewed on the premises our food critic will guide you to the perfect restaurant. For those who enjoy strolling a fresh air market looking for a handcrafted necklace or a salvage yard where you can pick up recycled material to make your own outdoor sculpture we will point you in the right direction. If shooting the river rapids in a kayak or floating lazily in a tube is your style, we at the New Grace News are committed to helping you find where the waters flow your way. Your water play calls for something bigger? There is plenty of room for boating on Sabine Lake. If what you want is available in New Grace County this paper is the place to find it.

kayak in actionNew Grace is a vibrant thriving community, but you won’t find New Grace on Goggle or Yahoo Maps, even if you search. You won’t see it in a picture taken from space no matter how tightly you zoom in. The residents weren’t counted in the last US Census and they won’t be included in 2020. No one you know has ever been here or knows someone who has, because the only place New Grace exists is in the mind of its creator and the wonderful people who call New Grace home.

Let me introduce myself again. My name is Michelle Gwynn Jones and I write fiction. Novels are my passion, but short stories do come to me begging to be written. While my preference is for mysteries, I have found myself drawn towards stories for young adults and romance. Regardless of genre, almost everything I write takes place in and around the Town of New Grace and the surrounding county of the same name.

New Grace is not the only location to be used by a writer in more than one story. Presumed Innocent, The Laws of Our Fathers and The Burden of Proof all by one of my favorite writers, Scott Turow, take place in the fictional Kindle County. The super talented John Grisham used Clanton, Mississippi in A Time to Kill, The Last Juror and The Chamber. My aspiration – one day New Grace will find itself sharing the creative map with both of those locations and many more that have touched readers, real and faux.

For my website I would like to discuss the art of fiction writing, how I approach it and what does and does not work for me under the category of The Publisher’s Pen. Through Breaking News, On the Town and Home and Garden my characters will keep each other appraised of what is happening in their county and hopefully entertain the readers. On rare occasions I write Short Stories I will post here. The Publisher’s Pen, Current Events and Short Stores may be in serial form. Please return and see how things unfold.

Hoping you enjoy The New Grace News,

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