- from misdemeaner to felony


On Wednesday, June 14, a young woman was selling her graphic novels at the 8th Street Flea Market. Two twenty-somethings approached. While one distracted her, the other grabbed three novels in their protective cases and ran off. The distractor followed.

Three nearby New Grace police officers heard her scream and saw the men running. One officer went to speak to the woman and two pursued the runners into the parking lot.

“That’s when it all went sideways,” said Officer Ben Knightly.¬†A car pulled into a spot and when the driver opened the car door one man grabbed her by the arm, pulled her out of the car and demanded her keys. She complied and they got in. ¬†Backing out of the spot the car struck Officer Lana Hudson, who was unharmed, before speeding off.

Officer Knightly called the plates into the station. The car was spotted a minute later driving at a high rate of speed down Oak Blvd. The pursuit lasted eight blocks before the car was trapped by other squad cars. The two men attempted to flee and were brought down with non-deadly force.

The three graphic novels had a combined value of one hundred and thirty-five dollars.

“Both of them had enough money in their pocket to buy the damn novels,” said Officer Knightly. “To avoid getting arrested for a misdemeanor they commit a felony. What idiots, instead of a slap on the wrist and probation they are looking at up to 20 years for carjacking. Their lives forever changed in an instant.”