The body of New Grace County deputy sheriff Horace Nevada has been found after eight years.   Deputy Nevada went missing the evening of February 12, 2008. On that night  he pulled a car over for speeding and called the plate number, driver’s license and registration back to the station.  He was informed the car came back stolen and the driver’s license belonged to a deceased individual. That was the last known contact with the deputy.



After Deputy Nevada failed to answer his radio for an hour another car was sent to his last reported location. The deputy was not there and there was no evidence that anything had gone wrong at the site.  Both the New Grace Sheriff and Police departments began searching for the deputy or his car, but were unsuccessful. A year later scuba divers in Sabine Lake found his patrol car near the public boat launch in Herricks Bay. The lake was searched, but no body was recovered.

At the time the investigation focused on his wife Sharon Nevada. Her coworker reported she was having an affair, but Ms. Nevada denied it and no evidence was found to support the affair. Neighbors reported hearing the couple fight, however there was nothing but rumors to support that too. “Eventually the investigation went cold,” said Sheriff Ozell Keith.

Last Monday Corey and Megan Inker found Deputy Nevada’s body in a freezer on their new property in the Town of Acadia.

The Belands, the previous owners of 412 Diamond Lane, died in a car crash on I-20 almost seven months ago. No one took over the payments on the mortgage. The bank foreclosed on the property and it went up for auction on March 24th.

The new owners took possession on March 29th. “When we first got here we found the outer building at the back of the property, but it was so full of stuff we decided to get back to that later,” said Megan Inker who has been focused on the renovations to the house.  Yesterday she and her husband decided to tackle the other building. “We cleared out a bunch of junk. When we opened the old freezer there was rotting food. I thought nothing could be more disgusting, then we found the body.”

Explaining how they failed to find the body earlier, Mr. Lark of New Grace Bank said, “We sent a cleaning crew out to the property after we foreclosed.  We knew the house was on a fifteen acre lot, but since no one knew about the outer building the cleaning crew never went in it.

The cause of death was a .22 caliber round that pierced Deputy Nevada’s heart. “Our forensic team says the body gives no indication of having begun to decompose prior to freezing which means he was frozen right after death,” said Sheriff Keith. “Based on their testing it seems that Deputy Nevada most likely died on or about the night he went missing.”

According to the Sheriff’s department they can find no link between Deputy Nevada and the previous owners. “Mr. Beland had no police record. Ms. Beland was arrested for shoplifting in 1996, got probation and did her community service,” said Sheriff Keith. “With The Belands being dead, we may never know how Deputy Nevada ended up in their freezer.”