by Colin Featherly 

If you are in the market for creating something new out of something old, have an eclectic style, need a change or just love antiques you must put Luxe Vistas 295 on your To-Do list.  Fresh ideas and maximum use of space infused with charm, efficiency and not the same old things that everyone else has is the philosophy behind one of the newest design firms to come to New Grace.

Jack Bishop, an architect from San Diego, and designer Shelby Curtis from Boston met at an event in Milan, Italy. Upon his return to San Diego where he was working primarily on large scale projects his best friend got married and asked Jack to build their new home. Mr. Bishop said, “I knew I would need a designer with an eye for a more homey touch than I was used to and I knew the discerning eye of Shelby Curtis was called for. That home was the first of many joint projects.”

Smitten with building and designing homes and with each other they were married three years later.  They opened  a design firm in Naples, Florida. While on vacation two years ago they came upon New Grace. Planning to stay overnight they found themselves staying one more day, then one more day and, as so often happens with visitors to our charming county, they wound up staying a week. “We just fell in love with New Grace,” said Ms. Curtis. “A year later we decided to move our home and business to St. Georgina.”

Luxe Vistas 295 is for anyone who is looking to make a change. Big or small this team has all the expertise and experience to help the client achieve their dream. Jack and Shelby make several shopping trips during the year; traveling all over the world to bring back interesting pieces and fresh ideas.  Their showroom has a bit of everything from an Empire-style chest of drawers to early 18th century paintings. Whether you are interested in a spiral staircases to an office loft or an outdoor kitchen Luxe Vistas 295 is where to start.

As a team they meet with each client in the space they want to redo. Jack said, “You have to get a feel for a place to know which wall should come down, what colors reflect the character of the space or just what size mirror to hang over the fireplace to reflect the right light.”

Neither Jack or Shelby believe in forcing their clients out of their comfort zone, but out of the box risks are encouraged. Quality design, sound construction and pride in workmanship all within budget make for a successful finished project.  The best advertising comes from a satisfied and delighted client and Luxe Vistas  295 is determined to dazzle.