by B J Beckman


United Community of Churches and Services, UCCS OPEN HOUSE will be held again this year.  For those new to New Grace a group of church and community leaders formed the UCCS to provide interfaith services and programs for the community such as thrift shops, food pantries, preschools, after school and mentoring to name a few.  OPEN HOUSE on Thanksgiving Day was started two years ago to provide more than a meal but a homey atmosphere and companionship.  Residents of New Grace are welcome to come and spend the day at specific sites to eat, watch the parade, a ball game or play a game of checkers in good company.  Most sites are open from 9 AM – 9PM.  Anyone wanting to volunteer food or time please call Roseanne Murphy at 803 555 6677 or visit the UCCS.Open House .org for more information or to locate the open house nearest you.  All are welcome.



Mark your calendars for the second Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Our annual Fall Festival will be here before your know it.  There will be games, booths, treats and eats.  This year will be the first year that we offer hot air balloon rides!  We will have two bands performing:  James & Co. and Fearsome.  Of course, our very own John Henry Lee and his zydeco band will be here to keep the Cajun in all of us alive.

There will be Indian Corn, Cajun Catfish and Oysters, Curry Favorites,  Fried Chicken and BBQ, Sausage and Peppers, gyros, wraps and  sweet tea, lemonade.  There’ll be plenty!!   Come hungry and thirsty.

We have several cooking contests this year:  More Better Brisket, Jammin’ Jambalaya, and Sweet Tooth Sweets.  Please contact this year’s culinary coordinator, local restaurateur Mama Lulu, if you’re interested in entering your mouth- watering recipe at 803 555 7171 or MamaLulu@NG .com


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