The little girl who was recoverd with missing thirteen-year-olds Jason Norrel and Jeffrey Camas  has awaken from her coma of almost two years and been identified.  Comatose girl awake MICHELLEGWYNNJONES.COM NEWGRACENEWS.COM

On October 31, 2015 Jason Norell and Jeffery Camas ran out of  the house at 1414 Vision Street just north of Herrick’s Bay, the home they walked into and disappeared from on September 16th. Still on the porch, they collapsed.  The EMTs discovered a young child in the arms of Jeffrey Camas and all three were unconscious. The three children were rushed to New Grace Hospital where Dr. Milton Ross declared the children to be in comas.

Jason Norrel was the first to awake 24 days later.  He refused to tell authorities were he had been for over a month and asserted he had no memory of the missing time. He was adamant he had no idea who the little girl was or how she came to be in the company of the boys.

The little girl, referred to as Janie by the staff, came out of her coma on September 24, 2017, nearly two years later. The Drs. estimate she is approximately five years old. 

The little girl said her name was Rose LaRue and she was three-years-old – the age she would have been when her coma began.  She was able to tell the doctors that her mother’s name was Lily, but the only name she had for her father was Daddy. She said her brother was Charlie and her sister was Martha. Dr. Milton Ross said, “She really couldn’t tell us anymore, but at her age you would not expect her to be able to provide much more information for us to go on.”

When the child was brought into the hospital and her identity unknown a DNA sample was taken and compared to the DNA on file for missing children. There was no match. Using the name provided, another computer search of the missing person’s files was conducted going back six years.  There was no child with that name reported missing. Detective Winston Spaulding said, “That’s not unusual, if she had been abducted and they changed her name she would not know her true name.”

The police were baffled until September 28th. Det. Spaulding said,  “My uncle was a detective with the New Grace Police Department. When I went to visit him at the nursing home I was telling him about the case and he recognized the name. He insisted he worked on the case and discussed it with great detail, but the man has Alzheimer’s so I figured he was confused.”

Returning to the police station, Det. Spaulding went into the basement to search the hard copies looking for information on the case his uncle was discussing. “He was so alert talking about the case. I thought I had found something to discuss with him that he could focus on. I was surprised to find a case for a missing child and her name was Rose LaRue. I thought it was a really creepy coincidence when I saw the address was 1414 Vision Street, the same address where the girl in the hospital was found.  Let me tell you, I almost s**t  my pants when I saw the photo in the file, the little girl in the hospital was the spitting images of the child who went missing in l946.”

“As strange as it may sounds, we had no reason to doubt she was who she said she was,” said Det. Spaulding. “If she were older I would have said she was running some kind of con, but she has the mind of a three-years-old and I found it hard to believe she was capable of perpetrating such an elaborate lie.”

Detective Malcome Corley agreed with his partner. “We knew we had to question her, but how? It was my wife who suggested we forget about establishing she was from l946 and establish she was or wasn’t from the present.  We brought in props.  She was clueless as to what to do with a juice box, petrified of a cell phone and so delighted by Elmo we knew she had never seen him before.”

A search was conducted for a Lilly, Charles and Martha LaRue, the names provided in the 1946 file of the missing child Rose LaRue and by the Rose LaRue in the hospital.  The only person found to still be alive was Martha LaRue, now Martha Simpson.

“When I met with her I didn’t know what to say.  Asking Ms. Simpson for a sample of her DNA was the hardest thing I have had to do as a police officer,” said Det. Spaulding. “She was convinced we had found her sister’s remains. She begged me to tell her something.  All I could think of to say was it was an ongoing investigation.  I felt horrible, I couldn’t confirm what she thought – her sister was dead, but I certainly couldn’t say, ‘We think we found your sister and by the way she’s only five-years-old.”

“I ran the test a few time to be sure, but DNA doesn’t lie,” said the forensic hematologist. “All the genetic markers are there, Martha Simpson and the Rose LaRue in the hospital are sisters.”

“Even if I weren’t eighty-two with arthritis, I don’t think I’d want to raise a five-year-old,” said Martha Simpson, who by law is entitled to legal guardianship of her sister. “My granddaughter has agreed to raise her. She has two children of her own.  I don’t know how we are going to tell them that their new sister is also their great-great aunt.”

In regard to the still comatose Jeffrey Camas, Dr. Ross said, “I know I shouldn’t say it, but I am very optimistic about his condition. I wouldn’t have thought that Jason Norell or Rose LaRue would have come out of their comas without some level of neurological deficiency, but they appear fine. I have no reason to believe the teenager won’t recover in the same manner.  We just need to be patient.”

When questioned about the next step in their investigation, Det. Corley said, “We can only hope that when Jeffrey Cames comes out of his coma he can give us some explanation to what the hell happened in that house.”

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