by Shannon Longneck

Perpetrators of the Christmas light assault of December 10, 2015  in New Grace have been apprehended.

After two days without a single lead, New Grace Sheriff Ozell “Ozzie” Keith received a call from, of all people, his thirteen- year-old daughter who provided him with a link to a video she had seen in school.   The video, a combination of different scenes strung together and accompanied by Christmas music, showed the abductions of Andrew Palmer, Belinda Prescott and Duncan Cobair along with his dogs Lacy and Thor.  Since each abduction took place at 10pm, give or take a minute, in three different towns, there is no doubt at least six perpetrators were involved in the three abductions. In each case the perpetrators were dressed as elves and wore identical masks with pointy ears.

The film aired on LookAtMe .com, received over 800,000 views and was immediately taken down upon notification by the Sheriff’s office. The company provided the name of the account holder which proved to be false and linked to an email account that appeared to be opened solely for the purpose of posting the video.  However, Silver Gold of New Grace was easily identified.

Forensic analysis showed the video was filmed on at least five different phones, was uploaded from a local café and traced back to a computer registered to Ms. Gold. According to forensic tech Mathew Stein, “It always amazes me how people think they know everything about computers. Yes, Ms. Gold was clever in choosing to open separate email and LookAtMe accounts and used the free WiFi at the LeCup in Herricks Bay, but she didn’t have enough sense not to use her own phone to film her crime or her own computer to upload it to the net.”  The computer’s IP led me straight to her.” LeCup security footage for December 12th confirms Ms. Gold’s presence at the time the LookAtMe account was opened and video uploaded.

Ms. Silver was arrested late last night at her home along with one of her accomplices. “At the time, we were only intending to arrest Ms. Gold, her brother being there was a bonus,” said Detective Winston Spaulding. “There is a reason people should remain silent. We had no idea Raymond Gold was involved until he was interfering with the arrest of his sister and said, ‘Hey, we were just joking around.”

Mr. Stein was also able to determine which sections of the video were taken with the phones belonging to Raymond and Silver Gold, verifying they were the two who took Andrew Palmer from Beaudeclaire.

The siblings were not forthcoming with the names of their other accomplices. “They spent last night as our guest,” said Det. Spaulding. “After a bad night’s rest – public peeing, bland food – they should be more talkative.”