by Shannon Longneck

Bastille Park, which was closed to the public on May 5, 2014, is schedule to reopen on Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 8am, four months earlier than the town had planned.

The seven acres park, located on Bastille Road between Hancock and Shore in the town of Rosemeade, had been neglected for years, causing the town council to declare much of it unsafe.

The park has undergone a complete renovation. The bathroom structure, described by Councilwoman Delores Shipley as ‘deplorable’ last May, was torn down and replaced with a larger eco friendly building. At a press conference held last Friday Ms Shipley stated, “The new facility will permit in more natural light through enormous skylights and a better flow of air, two things that were desperately needed before.”

A large metal playset, which was not only rusting but because of the material became so hot in the summer it was uncomfortable for children to play on, has been replaced with three smaller playsets, as have the metal benches.BASTILLE PARK – GRAND REOPENING - NEW GRACE NEWS - MICHELLE GWYNN JONES

The early reopening is attributed to the many local residents who volunteered their time to make the project happen and the community businesses who not only offered discounted or free products but labor and supervision of the volunteers. Mayor Titus Tomes said, “This park is a shining example of the care and commitment the people of Rosemead have in their town.”

The reopening will be celebrated with the First Annual Rosemeade Ice Cream Social beginning at 2pm.

On a personal note, I drove by the park on Friday and was amazed at how wonderfully, and quickly, the park had been transformed.

I know my family will be attending the festivities.

I hope to see you there.