by Rosalie Hernandez 

Guess Who is marching in the upcoming Rose Bowl Parade? No, not Mama Lulu. Guess again.

After receiving and judging hundreds of video submissions from high school bands around the country the Rose Bowl organizers selected our very own Belvedere Marching Band from Andrew Coulter High School in Godfrey as one of its participants

The 86 member band led by Dr. Craig Daniels and Choreographed by Bob Jones will perform in the parade and then relax and enjoy a well-deserved break for the day at Disneyland.

As you can imagine there’s tons of work to be done. Anyone wishing to volunteer their time and talents should contact Dr. Daniels at the school. There is much to organize from rehearsal meals, travel arrangements, legal waivers, liability documents and consent forms – we would like to thank Rachel Shorte of Henley, Martin and Kelly who donated her legal services.   The band members are rehearsing every day and most often into the night to pull off a perfect routine while maintaining a B average. These are indeed outstanding students.  Let’s not forget the parents whose support is crucial to the grueling practice schedule.  Their commitment is as unwavering as the band members.  Day or night, come rain or come shine those musicians are at the field or in the gym on time and ready to give it their all one more time. The entire high school population: students, faculty and support staff are working hard to insure the band’s success.  Even the school busses have been outfitted with banners and the driers are planning a convoy every weekend throughout New Grace County to raise money.

Make no mistake: Raising money is the elephant in the room.

Luckily a major airline has gifted the band, chaperones and medical staff with round trip air fare at half price.  A hotel has provided rooms at below group rates. Transportation to the airport will be provided by the school buses, courtesy of the New Grace School District.

Fund raising events, most already underway, include car washes, lawn work, dog walking, bake sales and a carnival. Band rehearsals are open to the public and tickets are $5.00.  Businesses are urged to sponsor a student. Thank you to all of the business owners who have already stepped up.

If you would like to make a donation you can send your check to Belvedere High School payable to Belvedere High School/Band Trip attention: Mrs. Anna Crosby.  Anna and her husband Gary are CPAs and have volunteered their time and financial wizardry to keep everything in line and above board.  No amount is too small.  You can give as many times as you want.  All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you.