Michelle Gwynn Jones has found a way to combine three of her favorite things: her enjoyment of researching just about anything, the pleasure she gets from writing and her fondness for the law. As a writer of legal mysteries it is Michelle’s hope to entwine compelling who-done-its with unique legal arguments.  

She is the founder of the imaginary New Grace, South Carolina; a small community of beautiful vistas, interesting people and scandal, mayhem and murder. Her newspaper, New Grace News, covers the lighthearted residents and uncovers the darkness in peaceful suburbia.  

Michelle would be hard pressed to name her favorite authors. Her taste ranges from Scott Turow to Sophie Kinsella, from Stephen King to Dr. Seuss  If she were forced to go into seclusion and told that she could only take the complete works of three authors, and no other books, she would pick Jane Austin, William Shakespear and JK Rowling without a doubt. However, if given the choice, Michelle would gladly trade the books for an unlimited supply of Pepsi.

As for how she spends her ‘me’ time she has several hobbies. There is her love of crafting, just about any kind. Sometimes Michelle actually creates things that she is proud of and other times she … well let’s just say no one will ever see them. Cooking is also a passion. One of her favorite things to do is to try and recreate, or improve on, something that she had in a restaurant. Even though it is widely debated whether or not taking a bubble bath is a bona fide hobby, there can be no doubt that Michelle has mastered the art.

Michelle was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She completed her undergraduate degree in New Hampshire where she enjoyed all the snow it had to offer. At Ohio Northern University she obtained her law degree and learned how to tell the different kinds of corn just by glancing over the field.