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2 vanish on vision st 2


by Shannon Longneck

On October 31 Marsha Mann of Vision Street contacted the police and reported a strange phenomenon. Ms. Mann claimed that a storm had formed directly over the house across the street. “We get calls like that all night,” said 911 operator Melody Hoffman. “I thought it was just another Halloween prank until she told me it …

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by Rosalie Hernandez 


Minions, Princess Anna and Elsa time 20, aliens, ghosts, witches and chipmunks under the age of ten had a boo-ful of fun and adventure at the annual Great Pumpkin hunt on Lindley Commons Saturday afternoon.  Children and parents from every corner of New Grace came ready to hunt for pumpkins, toys and treats.  Refreshments were in …

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The Wanderer Circus Trilogy - Part Three


It was a bright starry night and he was just finishing setting up the center ring when he heard the screams coming from across the fairgrounds.  Like everybody else, he dropped what he was doing and ran to see what was going on. The crowd was gathered around the lion …

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Please remember the county and town of New Grace, the people who live there and the New Grace News are fictional.