by Shannon Longneck – 

Record floods devastated South Carolina the first week in October.  Water levels rose higher than they have in nearly a thousand years. The Midlands was hit the hardest and New Grace was not spared from the devastation.

water-300324_1920After being rescued from her home by boat, Acadia resident Paige Benson said, “We have lived on River Run Road for ten years and it has always been just a name.  When I woke Sunday morning and heard rushing water I never expected to look out my window and see that my road had been replaced by a river.”

While the rain has ended and the rivers, streams and lake have begun to return to normal levels for this time of year, the damage to the area still continues.  As recently as yesterday a two mile stretch of flood-432736_640Old Saint Georgina Road was closed when three sections of the road collapsed within a forty minute span. The residents of Lisden in Herricks Bay, a neighborhood of  twenty-six homes situated on a peninsula in Lake Sabine, have been cut off from the mainland and will need to rely on boats to come and go.SCAM AND SHAM

Multiple dam breeches were reported throughout the county. Savina Croup and her fifteen-year-old son Ray of New Grace had to be rescued by helicopter off the roof of her downtown shop, Souper Subs. They were home when they heard about shelters needing food and ran to the shop to get what they could. “We were only inside for the few minutes it took to fill the coolers,” said Ray. But in those few minutes the Leeds Dam had crumbled. “When we walked to the front of the store we saw things going by the window. It was like when you are at the aquarium watching the big fish swim by.”

While most schools in the New Grace School District reopened on October 7th or 8th, several schools will remain closed until repairs can be made and inspectors declare them safe.

  • Walter Isles, owner of the Isles Ranch in Godfrey, provided these pictures of several trails that run through Kinderly State Park


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